Cindy (cindylouwho2006) wrote in silverpictures,

I really love this community - some really wonderful things, including my own personal favorite of my short stories, have come out of it. But obviously we've all been flagging lately. ;) I know that my writing time has been limited; plus, I've been exploring other forms of writing, and haven't done much short-storying of late. As I'm sure you've all noticed, my prompt-posting has been sadly lacking.

However, I am willing to get my act together and get back to posting regular prompts and reminders - if you want me to. (It isn't only me who has been less than active here lately). If you are interested in continuing with this community for the present moment, please do comment and let me know. If you just don't feel like you have the time, now or in the next few months - or the energy, or the desire, to write for and participate in this community, please comment and let me know. If there are even one or two people who are sitting out there tapping their fingers on the desk and wondering why I'm being such a lousy mod, because gee they'd like to write something, then I will be more than happy to continue posting prompts. But if I've pegged it right and everyone is busy, stressed, or doing other things, then we can go on hiatus.

The decision is absolutely up to you. Whatever we do, I'd still like to do a story exchange sometime in the future (the last one was so fantastic) - maybe in a few weeks when everyone is out of school? (If you're interested, you know the drill - comment away!)

Thanks everyone in advance for responding. I know all of you will. =) (Right???)
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