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P i c t u r e s - o f - S i l v e r

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver."

1/21/06 08:17 am - cindylouwho2006 - Last day!

All entries for the January prompt (if there are any!) need to be posted by midnight tonight. If you need more time, just let me know. The next three-week prompt will be posted sometime tomorrow.

1/15/06 09:17 am - cindylouwho2006

Welcome to Alina and Charis!

Go ahead and post a little introduction to yourself when you get a chance. Most people here probably know both of you - but it's always a good idea to fill in the cracks.

Also, you may begin to post entries for the January Prompt any time between now and next Saturday. All entries are due on 21st January 2006. But, as usual, reasonable extensions and all that are possible. Just ask, and the chances are you will receive.

1/9/06 05:27 pm - bonny_kathryn - online writing classes

Just a general post with (hopefully) useful information. I know that quite a few authors in this community are in the young adult range, so I thought that you might be interested in some online writing courses that I found out about.

specifically for writers ages 13-22, click here . . .Collapse )

1/2/06 01:42 pm - cindylouwho2006 - An idea

I don't know about you guys, but I had tremendous fun writing AND reading the Christmas exchange stories. Writing specifically for someone else is a treat indeed, and a different kind of writing than usual, and getting my very own story geared to my interests was absolutely thrilling. So I was thinking - what do you guys think of having an occasional story exchange as part of the prompt? Maybe every couple of months - not very often, because the exchange is more binding than an average prompt, and that can be stressful. But every now and then could be really fun. I could still post a prompt if we wanted, or we could do it like we did the Christmas exchange (going off the recipient's interests alone), or I could post an optional prompt, or whatever. I think it might be fun, and give a chance to practice a different sort of writing from our normal prompt-based writing. Plus, it might shake up the challenges a bit, so that they're not all prompt-based. Also, maybe we could open the exchanges up to non-PoS writers, like the Christmas exchange. (Or not. Whatever you wanted.)

What do all of you think??? We could have another one in late February or early March as a sort of late-Valentine's-Day-thing. (I would do it earlier but that would be the very next challenge after this, which could be a little overwhelming.)

1/1/06 05:20 pm - cindylouwho2006 - 1st prompt of 2006!

I know, I know, I'm a shameless slacker and I'm posting this half a day late. But I figured that, with so many late entries - mine included - no one was absolutley dying to start their story this afternoon. Right? Right.

This challenge's prompt is a subject prompt in honor of the new year.

Write a story about a life change.

Those words DON'T have to be used (and please don't, because they're phrased horribly, so that would just be embarrasing!), but the story does have to deal centrally with a life change. It can be something external or internal, fantasy or contemporary or whatever you want. It can be a change for the better or for the worse - as long as it's truly something that changes your character's life.

These are due by midnight of Saturday, January 21st, 2006. Ish. ;)


(And, on an unrelated note, BIG THANKS to everyone who participated in the Christmas story exchange and especially to Kate for organizing it. So much fun!)

1/1/06 09:06 am - cindylouwho2006 - Snow Song

Well, here is my story. I am profoundly unhappy with the way it turned out - it changed enough as I wrote it that there were a few major themes not well-carried-through, and stuff like that. Hopefully someday I'll go through and rework this, because I'm rather fascinated by the concept. For now, though, it stays - just be warned of how horribly first-draft it is.

Still, still, still.

The stillness picked at her awareness, making her breath catch and her skin itch. It was as though time had been frozen here, somehow, into a crystal moment that would hang just this way until the end of the world. Sound and color and smell and taste had all been frozen to the moment, solid and unchanging as mountain stone.

Tirady walked on.

Snow SongCollapse )

This was not really influenced by anything, except that when I started I had just checked The Singer of All Songs out from the library and was fascinated by the idea of an "ice singer". However, it really bears as much resemblence to that book (which I now have read) as a tree does to a telephone pole.

12/30/05 02:16 pm - cindylouwho2006 - Heads up!

I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up that the last day for posting stories is tomorrow! Incomplete and in-progress stories are absolutely acceptable (mine might be incomplete ... heh). Our next prompt will be given on the first day of the new year!

I had a question for everyone about the timeline - is two weeks a good period for a story, or should I extend it to 3 weeks or a month? I know the last few months have been hectic for people, and I'm wondering if a slight schedule adjustment would help things run more smoothly. Please comment if you've got any ideas!!!

One last thing - because I was a slacker and forgot to ask when I posted the prompt, I'd like to take a second here and get a head count of people who plan to post stories today or tomorrow (long, short, or in progress are all ok). If you could comment and just let me know which way you plan I'd really, really appreciate it. =) And special yays to Suzy who posted hers with incredible speed!

12/24/05 07:56 pm - nimlotbradamant - December Prompt

Even though we're getting blistering heat alternating with howling winds and rain down here Down Under, I managed a snow story ;). The oft-forgotten writer John Buchan used to talk about Romance, a cruel goddess with an angel face, and how men sometimes caught a glimpse of her rainbow wings--and how some, once they had seen that glimpse, never went back to their former lives, but chased it all their lives. And some were struck with fear and horror, and fled...

This also tried to be like GK Chesterton (*worships Chesterton*) and then morphed inexorably into TH White.

:D Hope you like!

RomanceCollapse )

12/21/05 06:45 pm - cindylouwho2006

Because this is a question every writer should think about frequently and in depth, in my opinion, I ask you:

Why do you write?

Take a few minutes off your December prompt stories and/or secret santa stories and post your answer in the comments (I'll post mine there too in a day or two)!

12/15/05 11:32 am - nimlotbradamant - Hello, folks!

About half of you know me already--but for those who don't; greetings! My name is Suzannah Rowntree (Suzy for short), and I live in Victoria, Australia. I've been a writer for a while now, and have three unpublished (woe!) novels under my belt, two of which are only first drafts. Mm, what else? Well, thanks to the lovely Cindy for pointing me here; I'm looking forwards to writing with you!
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